Sunday, October 24, 2010

Erg Results

Rowing Canada sent out the results for the first installment of the 2010/2011 Athlete monitoring program. I was in the men's lightweight category.... and 6th in Canada! Now this was for the amateurs who strive to possibly row with the national team - no current national team members and others may be missing from the test.

The top rower was 20:18 for the 6km test, my time was 20:32. 14 seconds off.

It is so nice to have some feedback and a showing that my training has been productive and good!

I should mention a note about my coach, Doug White, at VCRC. It turns out he has been a rowing coach for 30-40 years, and all over the world with Australia, NZ etc. He has worked with national teams also. His training and development program I have come to find out have pushed guys forward to be best in country/world. He has brought my friend Jerry from basically a non-rower in to be, in 1-2 years, currently the top amateur rower in Canada who is going to row with the national team next month. I feel like I'm in the right place.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Erg Test Oct. 18th 2010

Oct. 18th, 201o. First Erg test of my "new" training regime.

I have been getting somewhat ready for this for 4 weeks. I knew it was coming and in a round-about way got my body (and mind) motivated.
In the lead up to the Test, I did 2weeks of Tues and thurs morning Erg workouts involved with 19min rate pyramids (4',3',2' etc. - SR 22,24,26,28,26,24,22) or 18min (3', 2',1',3',2',1',3',2',1') of similar rate. Two days before I tried a practice 6km all alone and I just slogged and battled through it to a 22:23.

A little bit I dont understand about my own motivation and training. For example, I move to a new city for this Rowing goal, I find a job that works for a rowing schedule, plan my daily life around this rowing - yet, sometimes I can't even finish (or start) a workout. It seems so backwards that I can easily let my mind slip and find excuses to sleep in or even stand up in the middle of an erg workout set and walk around.... One thing I completely know - is that most of the time I need to have people around to finish a quality workout.

The Monday night erg test was just Jerry and me with Coach Doug supporting and certification for us. I just mimicked Jerry's WU: 20-25 min easy with 5-10 race pace power tens. A good washroom break and then just start it. Stroke rate to maintain: 28, most of the time was able to - I just timed it up with Jerry and kept pushing. I waivered a bit in the middle dropping to 1:45-1:47 split, but a good hard push at the end. I ended with 20:32! 2sec over what I planned. I was very happy with it. 320W avg. I have a baseline and room to improve.

Goal 20:10 and under by December!